About Us

Through out these years, Mega Age has been granted: 2009 - ISO 9001 International Quality Management System certificate, 2013 - WCA Working Environment Assessment, 2019 - ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems & OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment certifications. In making use of our exquisite traditional manual process accompanied with the advance production equipment, the integrity of each process is guaranteed. As one of the leading manufacturer, Mega Age owns the complete product inspection and testing equipment to ensure the best quality is produced.

Advance with the times and pursue excellence, Mega Age continuously introduces novel design and unique materials in order to produce high quality and high end products to conjunct with the needs of traditional watches. More and more advanced equipments input plus R&D investment, fashionable, comfortable and practical quality products are the best result for the latest smart wear field, which can achieve customer-driven trends and market occupying goal.

High attention to details plus strict management, Mega Age conducts product knowledge training, production skill training and quality training regularly, to achieve the company's continuous growth and improvement, stimulate the source of innovation and progress; Artisans creates quality, and craftsmanship creates brand. In the coming future, we will pay more attention to each strap we made, every details, every single process, ensure the quality of each process can reach our requirements, to provide customers with artisans level products, in return, help us to create a centennial Mega Age, a centennial brand!